About Katie B Vasbinder

I am an abstract artist and a licensed architect. I was born and raised in Sartell, Minnesota and currently reside in Bismarck, North Dakota. I have a variety of mediums I work with in my studio, from acrylic paint to ceramic clay. I enjoy practicing both art and architecture and feel they play upon one another.

Artists Statement

I am a big day dreamer and I enjoy pondering the sky (and space) above. My work tries to capture the colorful energy imagined in the space around me and beyond, from the music playing to the emotions from the day, or thoughts on what’s happening in our universe.

Education & Awards

A graduate of North Dakota State University, Vasbinder is a recipient of the Governor's Choice Award thru the Bismarck Art & Gallery Association and a Top 30 Concept Recipient of Colorsdesigner from the Consortium of the Politecnico di Milano (Italy).  Vasbinder has been exhibiting throughout the Midwest since 2010 and has shown at various galleries. Her work has been featured in print publications in Be Magazine (December 2014) and a feature on KFYR Inside Business (2014). Vasbinder is also a practicing, licensed architect.

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